Please find below, just a few
reviews from clients

"Sandra is so conscientious and incredibly talented - I am so grateful to you, Sandra, for finding out things I never dreamed of being able to locate - I had hit dead ends in researches! This means so much. Thank you.'"
Sara C, Lancashire
"I’m a Brit living in the USA.  I had been separated from my birth mother and half-brother from age two.  After years of a frustrating and unsuccessful attempt to find my birth mom and half-brother, I gave up and decided to enlist the help of a professional genealogist in England. I found Sandra’s website and liked what I read. 

"Sandra is professional, honest, and a miracle worker as far as I'm concerned!  I was amazed at how quickly she found my mom and half-brother with just the very limited information I had - she even discovered that I also have two younger half-sisters!  After 48 years of separation, I am now in touch on a daily basis with my mom, and my three half-siblings.  Thank you, Sandra, for filling a massive hole in my life!"


* * *

"I found Sandra very thorough and concise.  All the way throughout my requests she replied quickly and with honesty as to what was possible and what might take a little extra time to achieve.  I would recommend her highly, it was my very good fortune to find someone so go on my 1st attempt."
(PON, Ireland)

* * *

"I have not used a researcher before and must admit I was a little sceptical about the level of service I might receive. I outlined what information I was looking for and together we agreed on a course of action. Some lines of enquiry I hadn't thought of coming from the researcher. A comprehensive search of BMD's, workhouse records, local care homes for children to name but a few.  I was more than satisfied that what I had asked for was delivered. I look forward to using your services in the future."

* * *

"I have been researching my British family for a few years and was at a dead stop. I found Sandra at Ances-Tree and the same day I hired her, she began working. Within hours she had new directions and ideas to pursue in breaking down the brick walls. She keeps me informed of each step and involves me in every research strategy decision. She's trustworthy, capable, and creative. I highly recommend this service."

(SM, Australia)

* * *

"I have known this lady for some 3-4 months when I was advised by other researchers into the genealogy of Northumberland and have found her excellent. She responds quickly to my requests - most of which other experienced researchers have failed to find - and continually up-dates me as to where and when she might be able to answer my very demanding request. In fact, to date, she has never failed to find the answers to my requests with helpful advice as where to go next, etc, with my researches.

"It also appears that she works incredibly hard sourcing many out-reach genealogical records that require her to travel extensively around the region. Further, in my experience, she has always been very pleasant, polite and helpful, and has never complained about my PC ignorance and given me well thought-out instruction as to how to do/find something on the net.  I can thoroughly recommend her to you.

(MB, UK)

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